Automatic Panel Loader / Unloader

Pneumatic, PLC controlled, automatic, panel formwork pick and place system. Panel are picked one by one from panel stack and placed on Roller Table by Panel Loader. After cleaning same panel will be picked up and stacked on pallet by Panel Unloader. System can be set for single or multiple automatic sequence.


Machine Features

  • Panel holder with eight pneumatic cylinder
  • Panel holder width range of 300 – 1350 mm
  • Automatic panel holder width adjustment for varying panel width
  • 90 Degree rotation for panel holder for length wise panel feeding
  • Automatic panel holder carriage travel and control
  • Power : 4.4 kw
  • Dimensions (Length x width x height) in mm : 6000 x 3974 x 3979
  • Weight : 1293 kg