Steel Shuttering Plates Cleaning : Challenges & Solution

Construction industry uses steel shuttering plates for construction of slabs and beams in a building or bridge. These shuttering plates which support concrete during construction of slab or beam are removed in approximately 2 – 3 weeks, cleaned and used again. When they are removed from a slab or beam there are hard to remove concrete deposits on them which has to be removed for reuse. These plates are used more than hundred time in its lifespan. There are many challenges associated with this activity. No. 1 : Right now they are cleaned manually which is physical and tiring job. No. 2 : Labour is difficult to find for this job. No. 3 : Shuttering plates cleaned manually lack quality affecting quality of slabs and beams. No. 4 : Low productivity in manual cleaning. No. 5 : Low productivity leads to high cost of cleaning. No. 6 : Low productivity leads to short supply of shuttering plates for new construction projects No. 7 : Lots of dust is produced during cleaning of these plates which pollutes the environment. No. 8 : Manually cleaning operations cause noise pollution.

We have developed automatic machines for cleaning of full range of steel faced shuttering plates. Shuttering plates are fed onto the roller conveyor of machine which carry shuttering plates inside the machine, through cleaning process, in automatic mode. Automatic cleaning process leads to high productivity and low operational cost. Large volume of cleaned plates at low cost is achieved with these machines. By using our automatic shuttering plates cleaning machines there is no shortage of cleaned plates for new projects. Shuttering plates are cleaned in well controlled machine setting leading to consistent good quality cleaning. No air pollution as all the dust produced during cleaning is extracted out by dust collector. Machine is designed to achieve low noise level.

Our machines has unique automatic steel faced shuttering plates cleaning process using brushes, scapers and scarifiers. These cleaning tools are mounted on independent, geared, flexible suspension for optimum shuttering plate interface and power packed cleaning action. Tools pressure on shuttering plate is adjustable. Machines have tool wear and tool height adjustment. Roller conveyor on which shuttering plate travel during cleaning process can be adjusted for varying shuttering plate width. This machine has automatic lubrication and conditioning system allowing nonstop 24×7 cleaning operations.