Panel Formwork (Shuttering) Cleaning Machines

LA1250-63-B09-RT is automatic steel faced Panel Formwok (Shuttering) cleaning machine paired with Dust Collector. This machine removes concrete sticking on panel face. Dust produced during cleaning is taken out by Dust Collector. Roller tables placed at machine ends aid in smooth panel feeding and panel removal after cleaning cycle.

Panel Formwork size:

Panel width range : 200 to 1250 mm
Panel Height range : 40 to 120 mm


Machine Features

  • Three stage panel face cleaning
  • One stage of six scraper/scarifier and two stages of twelve twist knot steel wire cup type brushes, six in each stage
  • Each scraper, scarifier and brush diameter 8”
  • Each scraper, scarifier and brush mounted on independent, geared suspension for optimum panel interface and power packed action
  • Scraper, scarifier and brush pressure on panel is adjustable
  • Individual as well as in group height adjustment for scrapers, scarifiers and brushes
  • Roller conveyor adjustment for varying panel height and width


  • Lengthwise / Widthwise panel feeding
  • Automatic lubrication and conditioning
  • Paired with dust collector B09
  • Roller tables for smooth panel feeding and removal RT1250
  • Output : 180 square meter / hour
  • Electrical connection : 15.6 Kw.
  • Machine weight : 3665 Kg
  • Machine size (L x W x H) in mm : 7838 X 4414 X 2279


Panel Cleaning

  • Panel cleaning starts with machine setting
  • First vertically mounted scrapers/scarifiers and brushes height is set as per panel height
  • Next Roller conveyor is set as per panel width and panel height
  • Scrapers/scarifiers, brushes and conveyor setting done, machine is ready for cleaning operation
  • Panel is fed into Roller conveyor which carries it in automatic mode under the vertically mounted scrapers/scarifiers and brushes
  • When panel face comes in contact with rotating scrapers/scarifiers and brushes all cement deposit is removed and taken out by the Dust Collector. Dust is collected in removable container and clean air is released back into workshop.
  • Clean panel travels to machine exit

Machine Advantages

  • High quality panel cleaning
  • High productivity
  • Low operational cost
  • Huge labour cost saving
  • Dust free clean environment
  • Dry cleaning operation means no soil or underground water contamination
  • Nonstop machine operation
  • Minimum maintenance required, just routine oil filter and oil change
  • Machine is designed to achieve low noise level