Panel Formwork (Shuttering) Cleaning Machines

LA3300-8FS-B25-RT-P&P1350 is automatic Panel formwork cleaning machine. This machine removes concrete sticking on panel face, front and side faces. Machine is paired with a dust collector to extract dust produced during panel cleaning. Roller tables placed at machine ends aid in smooth panel feeding and panel removal by automatic panel Loader / Unloader.

Panel Formwork size:

Panel width range : 300 to 2700 mm
Panel Height range : 60 to 160 mm
Panel Loader / Unloader width range : 300 to 1350 mm


Machine Features

  • Panel face cleaning with eight Disc brushes
  • Each brush diameter 17”
  • Each brush mounted on independent, geared suspension for optimum panel interface and power packed action
  • Brush pressure on Panel is adjustable
  • Automatic height adjustment for panel face cleaning Disc brushes
  • Panel side faces cleaning with roller brushes
  • Panel front faces cleaning with two set of movable roller brushes
  • Automatic roller conveyor adjustment for varying panel width


  • Lengthwise / Widthwise panel feeding
  • Paired with dust collector B25
  • Roller tables for smooth panel feeding and removal RT2700, RT1350, RT900
  • Automatic Panel Loader / Unloader P&P1350
  • Output : 180 square meter / hour for widthwise panel feeding
  • Output : 90 square meter / hour for lengthwise panel feeding
  • Electrical connection : 51.7 Kw.
  • Machine weight : 10093 Kg
  • Machine size (L x W x H) in mm : 17146 X 6858 X 3979


Panel Cleaning

  • Panel cleaning starts with machine setting
  • First vertically mounted brushes height is set as per panel height
  • Next Roller conveyor is set as per panel width
  • Brushes and conveyor setting done, machine is ready for cleaning operation
  • Panel is fed onto roller conveyor which stops at designated place for front faces cleaning
  • After front faces cleaning panel moves on for side faces cleaning and finally under the vertically mounted disc brushes for face cleaning
  • Dust is extracted out by the Dust collector
  • Clean panel travels to machine exit

Machine Advantages

  • High quality panel cleaning
  • High productivity
  • Low operational cost
  • Huge labour cost saving
  • Dust free clean environment
  • Dry cleaning operation means no soil or underground water contamination
  • Nonstop machine operation
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Machine is designed to achieve low noise level