Steel Shuttering Plates Cleaning : Challenges & Solution

Construction industry uses steel shuttering plates for construction of slabs and beams in a building or bridge. These shuttering plates which support concrete during construction of slab or beam are removed in approximately 2 – 3 weeks, cleaned and used again. When they are removed from a slab or beam there are hard to remove concrete deposits on them which has to be removed for reuse. These plates are used more than hundred time in its lifespan. There are many challenges associated with this activity. No. 1 : Right now they are cleaned manually which is physical and tiring job. No. 2 : Labour is difficult to find for this job. No. 3 : Shuttering plates cleaned manually lack quality affecting quality of slabs and beams. No. 4 : Low productivity in manual cleaning. No. 5 : Low productivity leads to high cost of cleaning. No. 6 : Low productivity leads to short supply of shuttering plates for new construction projects No. 7 : Lots of dust is produced during cleaning of these plates which pollutes the environment. No. 8 : Manually cleaning operations cause noise pollution.

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